Thursday, February 22, 2007

Web Science

T.B.Lee et all have published a paper in with the title "Creating a Science of the Web" where they call for a new interdisciplinary field in order to model the web, to understand the architectural principles. In the paper, the authors position Physical - natural Sciences in relation to Computer Science, they say knowledge bases became "Webized" (*), they held a workshop in September 2005 (see posting about elements of interaction), they talk about symbolic systems, the role of artificial intelligence, they mention "macroscopic web phenomena". All these approaches together with some other, referred to as "we are the web", "we are the media" seem to have a lot in common with the approach I name "Internet Systematics".

(*) this is exactly the term I used for the FAQ of the lab naned internet systematics lab using the features of the CMS Postnuke to encode our working algoritm in the lab in order to record people's digital trail left on the lab. A systematic way of communicationg knowledge and dexterites. The spirit of GNU project was made as the modality and absolute working rule for the lab. The outcome is called Reflected Learning paths followed by students under mentorship for lab's instructors. I consider such a development to be a kind of application resulting from the approach that internet systematics induces.