Sunday, February 19, 2012

let's think "Computational Thinking"

At about 2009, on finding the term PNA I thought that I had finally managed to define "myThinking" (the shortest description I can find for the time being). The key word that supported the conclusion above was "pattern" in the realm of Network comprehension.

After a period of assimilation and reading the book "patterns in Network architecture - a return to fundamentals", I re-examined "myThinking" to be a kind of alternative introduction to John Day's subject matter, Network architecture. This was not ad hoc as years ago I had pursued the same goal by researching the term "network" and named the problem to be solved as "WITI- what is the internet".

But the linking to PNA/RINA although fruitful and logical left me with the sense that something is missing in relation to the content worked out within the so-called "myThinking". I do see John Day's point about producing clean consistent definitions of basic network concepts and move to clean implementations but "meta-artificial" has a more general direction.

My recent arrival to the term "Computational Thinking" provided an explanation to the above sense. I am embarking on the task to assimilate CT, looking deeper into it. The goal of defining CT (a hot issue for the National Academy in USA) offers me a new opportunity to re-vitalize "myThinking", slide way from PNA (RINA) and steer it towards firm self-definition and perhaps contribute to the established "what is CT?" dialogue.