Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Automation Quantum

Internet Systematics basic result, after observing and experiencing network technology advances as presented by the previous blog: List of Frames generated by IS a common pattern is identified. All advances concern the introduction of a certain level of automation over previously executed processes manually within the net. So unlike artificial intelligence whose advances concern game playing here we have a joint venture of man and computer embarking on a series of advances that we choose to interpret as one enterprise. Advances that initiate with the simplest of communication tasks (operator switching) and reaching the recent innovative activity of the W3C (the tech. body that drives the web) to build the Semantic Web.

Thinking a little deeper we link this concept (The Automation Quantum) with the concept of Metasystem Transition from Cybernetics. It was great surprise that while trying to understand Metasystem Transitions in the computer I discovered a similar concept, that of the Automation Quantum inside the novel entity, we call the Net, computer-like as the phrase 'the net is the computer' indicate.

The concept of Automation Quantum presents a unified interpretation of Net advances that helps our understanding of this evolving complex architecture (a 2nd generation of computerization) in particular as it is undergoing changes continuously. Changes of quantitative nature (e.g Home networking) as well as qualitative advances (e.g video streaming, voice-over-Internet).


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