Friday, March 07, 2008

History of concepts 2002 until 2006

A plain draft follows:

Trying to locate the next step came to the idea that it concerns "knowledge". For example the time that the set of tools named BEEP by Marshall Rose came out. On reading their vision it seemed that Net wants to build its own "education system". By encoding know-how in technologies for example about the *TP layer, no need to re-invest transports for asynchronous communication.

Then, I came across the work of Merteens about the importance of Truncated and Embedded Knowledge in products and services (his Phd supervised by Turchin's collaborator. I was concerned about "learning" and came across the work of Wiley, in particular his concept of OSSOS (Online Self-sustaining Open Systems).

In 2002, I entered the area of "security" under the vision of "Internet Knowledge systematics". The idea was to experiment with knowledge communication in this area. A great help came from an open source project named "honeynet research alliance". A two year collaboration produced useful results like knowledge bootstrap process identification, international visibility, innovation attainment. Also, the concept of reflected learning path came out from this experiment, an application of peer production logic to education, confirming in practise Benkler's theoretical result. Scaling the experiment to attain self-sustainance remains as a challenge.

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