Monday, August 22, 2005

Internet Systematics appreciation examples

The usefulness of a model lies in its capability to forecast certain future events related to the entity that it tries to represent faithfully.

Internet Systematics first succesful forecast was the appreciation of the Internet/IETF dynamics against the ISO/COSINE counterpart.

An Early appreciation of the NIR drive inside the joint RARE-IETF wg focusing on Science Communication needs and locating resources and sharing them. Initiated the info-hunt programme similar to NSF's

Internet Systematics succesful forecast of the dynamics of WWW drive against Gopher

The succesful appreciation of the JAVA dynamics (see private communication)

Early appreciation of the power of the MIME transformation

Early appreciation of the political entaglement of the IANA/DNS registration

Early appreciation of the ARCHIE 'web service' paradigm

An Early appreciation of the E-commerse paradigm while involved with UNICORN technology

An Early appreciation of big-internet changes like IPv6 and CIDR

Developed a feel for research topics like Active Networking and issues such as the Rise of the Stupid network and the importance of the End-to-End design

An Early appreciation of the issue of security as an emerging issue for Internet and the importance of the 'open source' logic.

Developed a thorough understanding of the structural components driving Internet development and tried to effectivily apply it in the case of NRN and Public ISP.

An Early appreciation of trends like Free Software and initiated local support at the same time devising a 'similar' knowledge sharing project in the field of Security. Devised the concept of reflected learning and created related intranet

A prodigy vision to associate Metasystem Transition Theory and Internet/WWW

The usefulness of the idea of 'pseudo-area' knowledge trucking method

An Early appreciation of the pros/cons of ATM

An Early appreciation of the QoS - new flow router technology by Caspian

CONCLUSION: seeking the innovation aspects, knowledge communication medium, large scale aspects, inter-scientific issues, computational paradigm, enabling transformation

are features of Internet that IS helped me identify.