Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Re-discovering the MSTT basic concepts

All previous posts have been about describing what
is Internet Systematics. In other similar off-blog attempts a similar goal has been pursued namely to present the activity I have been systematically carrying on related to observing, participating and kind of theorizing about the Net. I have encountered certain difficulties such as the difficulty to communicate the subject matter because it originates from various domains of Knowledge. Another difficulty is the evolving nature of every factor involved in this process, like moving sand.

One useful approach, in order to deal with the communcation problem, is to focus on why the MSTT vehicle is useful beyond Turchin's field of application. So my 'automation quantum' becames another name for 'metasystem transition' no need to establish it as a separate concept. So IS = MSTT applied to ICT evolution. I need to elaborate why concepts such as "system", "metasystem" and "ultra-meta-system" are useful from the point of view how I discovered them in my pursue to understand the unfolding of the Internet phenomenon. Of course, I may then refer to the metacomputing approach to software construction and other concepts of Turchin-works which help me explain the origins of my thinking. So I avoid the task of casting everyting from first principles.