Tuesday, February 14, 2006

About form appropriate for Internet systematics

Most of the raw material is in hand scrible. Tried blogging in http://www.blogger.com/home
to create a first deposit of "what is Internet systematics" http://meta-artificial.blogspot.com/
and a similar quite experimental form in net8.jotspot.com.
Blogging is webalization of a person's communication indexed by Date. Here the index could
be the phases tht the global infrastructure traces in time where each phase corresonds to an
emergent component e.g. the DNS mechanism.

Another form is to make Internet systematics a kind of portal like http://www.securityFocus.com
which brings together various aspects of Internet like the "IETF areas" or "W3C domains/tracks".

Certainly the form of book has also registered as an option.

NOTE: As Internet Systematics Network Theory is an unfinished entity or even if it stabilizes to
something it is likely to evolve since it observes emerging technologies it makes necessary
to find a recording medium. Initially I thought the form of a "paper" would suffice but
as the referenced material needed a certain wrapper and some other difficulties made
the serialized text impossible. In fact only useful for an overview or an outlook.