Thursday, April 13, 2006

Internet Systematics a foundational study about Networking

Packet Switching, Layering Protocols, Client-Server Applications, Network Programming

are more or less the classifal foundational concepts upon which an understanding of Networking commenses.

Digital Electronics, Computer Architecture, Programming Language, Operating Systems,
Data Bases, Graphics etc are the corresponding concepts in stand alone Computing.

In 80s, Computing Paradigms (software) such as Functional, Logic, Object are concepts which extended the framework of classic Computing and opened the road for new constructions. One such paradigm is the so called Metacomputing, a fundamental concept (research) that posses the idea of computing system evolution. Here the concept of Metamechanical process is also very interesting since it refers to a system that it has the machine and its user at the same process level.

Free Software is also a contemporary basic concept that is based on large scale collaboration made possible through the wide availability of Network infrastructure. Here we also have evidence of an on-going evolutionary process creating complex infrastructure.

Internet system evolution offers an investigation trail which aggregates all the steps traced by the on-going construction process that seems promising for deepening our understanding of the Networking field. Such a need is justified since its only 50 years ago that "computer" signaled the human element.

This is the subject of study Internet Systematics (rather than the term System-ics) is focusing. In our view there is no better name describing the task of understanding Networking through its construction steps.