Friday, January 19, 2007

Another one wants to create a "whole" picture

"Running Money" by Andy Kessler is a recently published book by a Hedge Fund manager that scored high in the just pre dotcom disaster. P.Delaportas prompted me to read it as it gave an excellent description of technological advances while trying to locate the killer stocks from the hi-tech segment.

  • He brings in interesting data about Doug Engelbart (Mr. personal computer aka PC) and his Augmentation Vision
  • He mentions ARPANET and things I like ....
  • He finds out who sent the first Packet (Kleinrock) and reminds by first similar act.
  • He analyzes the BROWSER revolution and points to some bad moves that have severe consequences
  • He establishes the concept of SCALE, a "systemic" feature of Internet (links to my Iinternet Systematics) as the key characteristic that labels success
  • He presents us techies with the money dimension that drives the market (I centaily had no clue before reading it)
In general, I categorize him as a good source that helps the picture I am pushing under the name Internet Systematics, so I will go on about the book ...