Wednesday, January 30, 2008

History of concepts 1986 - 2001

1985 : While researching the idea of paradigm shifting the Von Neumann Programming Model came across the programming language REFAL which gives a new dimension to Functional (Applicative, Equational) Programming.

1986 : Entered the field of Networking through the idea of building an NRN with OSI technology. Involved with RARE and COSINE. Build the Greek part of the IXI network and link an SM90 unix machine to it.

1987 : Communicated with Valentin Turchin about his concept of "stairway effect" in software systems. VFT suggests his book "The phenomenon of Science",Columbia University Press Bookstore finally delivers book to Greece (by sea transport to save costs),

1988 : Getting familiar with UNIX, UUCP, X.25, MODEMS, LEASED ANALOG LINES - large scale real network. TELMAT SM90, Bull SPS7, MINITEL are the computers that provide the platform to practice networking.

1989 : Started building an X.400/X.25 international node "ISOSUN" on SUN 430. Got first glimse of Internet technology at ULCC, demo and help by Tony Bates.

1990 : Arrange to put Greece (AS2546) on NSFNET via ULCC's fat pipe 512Kbps to Goddard Flight Center. GATEWAY for ARIADNE-T ( ISOSUN (

1991 : Influenced by RARE WG3 got involved with networked information resources. Participated in the group that reviewed the original proposal of Tim-Berners-Lee at CERN. What is "networked information" what kind of system is going to emerge to extend the anon-ftp-sphere ?

1992 : Discovered the power of MIME as a transformation step introducing the multimedia Net. Participated in Book Internet: Getting started

1993 : Assimilate Turchin works (MST Theory, Metacomputing, ) as a reference model to understand Net evolution as a method to understand Net fundamentals. It takes time to encode net-happenings into such a language.

1994 : Started associating Internet developments across the OSI layers and Social layers (e.g RIPE, EBONE or IX ) and interpreting them as patterns of Metasystem transitions.

1995 : Obtain experience on the propagation of Internet computing to the business field and commerse, link CIDR with the MST model, locate JAVA as MST also, write to Paul M. about it.

1996 : Re-join Research Center Demokritos, first HTML pages about Network Theory, coined the label Net8, research the issue "network" and relate it to Saunders McLain, S.Papert, Toffler,

1997 : Harvest some 8,000 web pages, create 3000 tags to categorise them, at the same time follow systematically Net-happeings as a source of information about events and developments related to Internet innovations.

1998 : coin the term Internet Systematics to mean a kind of network theory

1999 : discover Virtual Von Neumann Machine, report to 1st Hellenic Conference on Operational Research & Applications , establish the idea that Net advances are equivalent to the introduction of Digital automation steps.

2000 : associate the terms MST, UMST with Network advances, discover the concept of Automation Quantum, map the stages of the evolutin path

2001 : relate Metacomputing, a field of Functional Programming to the Internet Paradigm. - Browse Application Gallery
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