Thursday, December 04, 2008

metasystem transition

Part of the current focus of meta-artificial

concerns SNS (social network software/service) as the next transition to expect.

The following posting also a shared idea on twine refers to metasystem transition re-casting Turchin's vision.

All previous postings since 2005 refer to various aspects of associating metasystem transition
to the evolution of the global internet machine. The latter is not just hardware, software or even communications. What is it ?

I found Turchin's concept of meta-mechanical-process used in his paper

"A constructive interpretation of the full set theory", Journal of Symbolic Logic, 52, pp.172-201, 1987

where he uses this term to describe a process initiated by a computer that includes associated user activity.

This concept helps me assume the existence of a reality which is a joint man-machine enterprise.

So, I interpret Net advances such as the introduction of automatic naming (aka DNS) replacing the manual distributed naming procedure as a kind of metasystem transition over the above man-machine enterprise.


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For those with JSTOR access:

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