Friday, February 06, 2009

web science on ACM

I did notice the ressemblance between "web science" and "internet systematics" in a post here on FEB 2007, I have just noticed a more developed version by the same authors on a recent ACM publication. It is titled Web science: an inter-disciplinary approach to understanding the web. The text on the front of the publication as well as the graphic indicate to me at least that the two terms are amazingly close. I read: model the web as a whole, keep it growing and undestand it as continuing social impact. A SYSTEMS APPROACH (cap by me) in the sense of "systems biology" is needed if we are to be able to understand and engineer the future web.

I will study the article and write about "internet systematics" to the authors,I hope that Sir Tim Berners-Lee will remember our co-existence in the NIR/USIS working group report. I will also confess that I did not follow the path he offerred, unlike colleague Peter Flynn because I chose to sort-out the first batch of CISCO routers in Greece (1 AGS, 2 MGS, 4 IGS) , thinking that being a software person there was time to catch-up. In fact I did forecast in 1992 to ARIADNE NOC personnel the success of WWW over GOPHER although that latter was king with 3000 % growth rate agaist WWW's 300 % (measured on NSFNET)

but global devs flew fast, I never made it to the devs team !



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